May 17, 2018

Best practices of cyber security


This topic just cannot be over. Why do I think that way? I think that way because our technology is changing each and every second. There are numerous new tips and tricks that will help you to stay safe in the 21st century while surfing the web. Ready to use the Internet in a proper way? So tired of worrying about losing your sensitive or personal data? I really understand you, and for that purpose, I have created this article. I want more people to know about the best practices when it comes to cybersecurity. You don’t want to be a victim of some hackers’ attack, am I right? Then check our best tips!


Your social media accounts

It is literally impossible not to have a social media account in these days, but you need to know how to act on these social media accounts too. Are you sure that you are using those right? What would be our advice? Our advice would definitely be to limit all of your’s personally identifiable information. In that case only, you may feel a little bit safer. Set all those information you don’t want anyone to see on ‘hidden’, and besides that, never put anything on the public. It is just that simple.


Privacy settings

Has your Facebook account (for example) warned you numerous times about your privacy settings? Have you just ignored that suggestion? Well, you will need to reassess your beliefs about that. They don’t send such warning because of anything. You definitely need to take some time and to enable all those privacy settings that exist out there. Setting up the alerts is one more thing you should do to keep yourself protected. It will only take you a few minutes. Can those few minutes be compared to your serenity? I don’t think so, and I am sure how you would agree with me.


Strong passwords

How do strong passwords look like? Obviously, they don’t look like your birth date, right? You need to get something better and stronger, and besides that, a little bit longer. Be sure that you have the different passwords for the different accounts you use. If you lose one account, you don’t want to lose them all, right? So, you’ve got the point.


Oh, the social logins

Do you use social logins? Do you think how those save your time and make your life easier? Well, it may look like that at the first point, but when you think about it a bit, it is a ‘gamble’ to act like that on the Internet. I won’t talk about this a lot, all you need to do is just to avoid all those social logins. ”Login by using Facebook”? Not anymore.


A virtual private network

Using a VPN connection is a must if you want to protect your personal information, and of course, to get that good night’s sleep and stop worrying about all those cyber threats that may catch you. What will a VPN offer you? It will offer you literally numerous possibilities. You can act like an anonymous, and besides that, you can keep your location and your personal data ‘as a secret’.


Stay with us and learn more about cyber security! We want to keep you safe! Is there anything more important than that in the 21st century? I wouldn’t say so. Also, I am sure how you would agree with me.

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